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September 29, 2009

I got the following in an e-mail the other day, and it made me laugh so hard that I nearly pulled a stomach muscle. Seriously, my stomach hurt for 4 days just from this one e-mail. Again, I apologize for not giving proper credit to the original author, but after researching on the internet I […]

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Boobs Or Home Theater?

August 17, 2009

10 Reasons why your money is better spent on a Home Theater System than on a boob job for your wife (in no particular order). 1) A Home Theater System has a mute button. I could probably stop right there. 2) The Home Theater System is ready for you 24/7. Any time you want to […]

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The New BlackBerry for Her

July 30, 2009

What is it with women and the BlackBerry? I have never seen so many people so addicted to such a little device. Is there something going on that we men don’t know about? Seriously, I am waiting for the following ad to come out some day: Verizon wireless is pleased to introduce the all new […]

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