Romancing A Guy? Really?

August 15, 2009

I hate to harp on Glamour Magazine (well, not really, I actually enjoy it), but c’mon, this month’s issue has an article called “The Real Way To Romance A Guy” (Its on page 178). The title alone undermines the entire credibility of the article. Ladies, it’s time to face reality: you don’t romance a guy! […]

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"Hoot Ears"

August 7, 2009

“Dad, what are Hoot-Ears?” The simplicity of the questions from my 6 year old daughter, as we sat in the Walgreen’s pharmacy drive thru should have been a warning. But I was distracted. “Hoot Ears? What are you talking about? “That sign over there. It says “Hoot Ears.” And there it was, across the parking […]

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Hints vs Clues

July 19, 2009

Instead of being completely honest and using phrases like “Hey, I do not want to (insert non-desirable action here) with you” or “Hey, I really want to (insert desire here) with you”, men and women usually resort to sending “Hints” and “Clues”. If this is your method of choice, all I ask is that you […]

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