Happy Meals Gone Wild!!

May 20, 2010

OK, so the other day I was at McDonalds with my son because, well, some traditions just need to be passed on. He got his usual: A Chicken McNugget Happy Meal. (I know, I know, some who are reading this are already clamoring on about how a 4 year old can already have a “usual” at McDonalds. Well, get over it!) He was especially happy because the meal came in a box this time, and not some cheap bag. The new Shrek movie is coming out soon and McDonalds is firmly on board the promo train.

So, as my son sat there eating, I started to look at the box that the meal came in. You know those boxes, the ones you casually let your kids play with, and think nothing of it. Well, you may want to start taking a closer look because this is the picture (yes, I saved the box, cut out the picture, and scanned just for this post).

Now of all the pictures the could have chosen, they had to pick  this one??  Seriously?  The one of a cat with his hips thrust forward, and the hilt of the sword looking suspiciously like a . . . . well . . . you know!

Just looking at the picture, I am sure there was some guy in the marketing department saying to himself “They’re never going let me get away with this one, but what the heck, I’m gonna submit the pic anyway and see what happens.”  And then the package comes back approved.

Next, I can just see the same guy saying, “Well, well, well, lets add some racy ‘text’, shall we?”  So take a close look below to see just what the first paragraph says.

Are you kidding me???? “Stick puss on your straw . . .”???  I don’t know, just kind of sounds weird.

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