A Review of Turbulence Training

January 12, 2010

Lose fat, gain muscle! Anybody who doesn’t want to do this, raise your hand. If your hand is not in the upright position, keep reading because this review will unlock a simple solution to the boredom of long and slow cardio workouts. (If your hand is up, you can put it down now, go open a bag of chips, and look for kitten videos on YouTube.)

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About 4 years ago I bought Turbulence Training, by Craig Ballantyne. If you’ve ever read Men’s Health Magazine, you’ve seen his work. He writes for them quite a bit, and he knows his stuff. Well, according to Craig, cardio is dead! And I am inclined to agree with him for this reason: it has always amazed me to see people who jog 45 minutes a day, every day, and they are still overweight!! Why? I used to run track in college, and you know what, never once did I ever see a fat sprinter. So when I came across Turbulence Training with it’s “cardio is dead’ principle, I was already hooked.

So here’s the deal with Turbulence Training: its intense weight training, short bursts, muscle confusion, all aimed at elevating your metabolism for hours and even days after your workout. And the best part is that the workouts are short, too. Less than a half an hour. And you can do them anywhere. On the road for business? You can still workout with Turbulence Training. Only got a few minutes in the morning to get in a workout? Turbulence Training works just fine with that schedule. Trust me, once you try Turbulence Training, the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t find it sooner, and that you wasted so much time and energy on slow, boring cardio workouts.

So why is cardio so popular anyway? Well, it’s all about the money. You go and sign up for a gym membership and they make some offer to hook you like “three free training sessions with the in house trainer.” And, as an added bonus, you’ll have a custom workout program designed just for you! Well you show up on day one, and you meet Biff the trainer. Biff has biceps like pythons, a stomach you could wash your clothes on, and about 6% body fat. And after taking your measurements, asking you what you eat every day, and checking his watch to make sure he hasn’t exceeded the half hour he is supposed to spend with you, Biff presents you with your custom workout program: 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, three times a week. Turns out it’s the same program Biff has “created” for everyone else who signed up that months, too. So much for being a “custom” program.

So why does the gym do that? Well, here’s the low down. Cardio is safe. Like any business, a gym seeks to minimize their liability while still turning a profit. So they are happy to take your $50 a month membership fee, but they don’t want you over exerting yourself. Of course, you stop going to the gym, but forget to cancel the membership, and now they’re getting money for nothing. They are thanking cardio all the way to the bank.

So stop the cycle with Turbulence Training. You can still go to the gym, but with Turbulence Training you’ll be much more productive, and the results will show quickly.

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