September 15, 2009

Let me tell you about P90X. You’d have to be dead, or not own cable, to not know about this little personal torture system masquerading as a workout program. All from the convenience of your own home. Well, I decided to kill Clothor (the pet name I have had for my mid-section since law school), and P90X seemed like the best way to get the job done.

It’s a 90 day workout program, and the whole idea is to mix things up every 30 days so your muscles don’t get used to the workouts. And let me tell you, it is a BUTT KICKER!!!!!

So where am I in the program? I just started phase two, meaning I completed the first 30 days (modified because lets face it, when I tried the hour and a half Yoga workout I realized that some parts just don’t bend that way). And believe me, its no picnic! Now I ran track in college, and I can tell you that these workouts are harder than anything I ever did for competition. After the first workout, I sat down to grab a quick bite to eat before going back to my job, and I couldn’t keep my hand steady enough to safely put the fork in my mouth. I got back to work, and one of the guys in the office just looked at me and laughed! “I see you started P90X today!” The flushed look on my face gave me away instantly.

So here I am 30+ days into the program, and I still can’t finish a Plyometrics workout. The should call it “Ply-o-your-braino-from-your-body-metrics” because you have to totally divorce yourself from the “I can’t do this” voice in your head! I am telling you, Tony Horton (the guy who runs the workouts, who looks 25 and he’s actually in his mid 50’s) is the devil!!!! I am amazed at how fit this guy is, and he’s talking non stop through the whole workout. I, on the other hand, am sucking more wind than a tornado, and just hoping my last Will and Testament is up to date!

But for all the complaining about the program, I can honestly say that it appears to be working. If my body fat scale is correct, I have dropped 5+ pounds of pure lard in the last 3 weeks. So if you are interested, I highly recommend P90X. Who knows, maybe I’ll put up some before and after photos after I am done. I am just afraid that the producers of “Whale Wars” may try to “save me” if they see the before shots.


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