An Open Invitation

August 14, 2009

OK, so I was having this conversation with a friend at work today about what people shouldn’t wear. Specifically, I was thinking about these overweight guys who insist on wearing spandex when they ride their bike. Give me a break, they look like Mr. Incredible, 15 years into retirement. Look, here’s a tip for you: when you put on the spandex shorts, take a look at the area above your knee, right were the spandex stops. If the fat is just bulging out like the end of a used tube of toothpaste, you’ve gone too far. Just wear a pair of regular shorts instead.

And as far as aerodynamics go, don’t worry about it and lose the dorky helmets. Chances are, you need all the wind resistance you can get so you can actually lose some weight. And before you claim that you need the stuff to break through the wind, just remember, the only wind breaking that needs to occur on your bike ride should come from your exhaust.

Anyway, I would like your opinion. Send me some comments about similar fashion blunders that just drive you nuts. I am interested to know if I am the only one who has this kind of pet peeve.


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