49er Draft Mess

August 7, 2009

I have been a 49er fan since before I was able to walk. Before she died, my grandmother lived in The City and had season tickets. I normally don’t believe in pre-destiny, but when it came to whether or not I would be a niner fan, it was set in stone. And I am not complaining, either. I love the 49ers! And with that in mind, let me just say that this year’s first round draft choice, Michael Crabtree, is an idiot!

I just read this morning, that Mr. Crabtree, despite being selected with the number 10 pick in the draft, wishes to be paid as if he was selected in the top 5. His justification for this? The mock draft boards had him going higher. So let me get this straight, despite never playing a down in the NFL, Mr. Crabtree wants to be compensated based on pre-draft predictions of what might occur, as opposed to what ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! I always felt that many pro athletes lived with an altered sense of reality, but this is ridiculous. What if that worked in the real world? How far do you think I’d get if I took a sales job and demanded to be paid on my prediction of sales, rather than on what I actually sold?

Crabtree claims his position is justified because other teams (i.e. those who had picks 1 through 9) simply made a mistake by not selecting him, and that he shouldn’t be punished for their lack of insight into his talents. Dude, welcome to the free market system! (or what’s left of it. The government hasn’t taken over the NFL . . . . yet). It seems to me that Crabtree is simply unwilling to accept the fact that . . . well . . . the other teams didn’t want him. Maybe he’s talented, but has crappy (or “Crabtree”) attitude. Maybe he wasn’t a good fit with the system the other teams were running. I don’t know, but to expect to be paid based on Mel Kiper’s draft board is just stupid.

But I have a solution. The 49ers should sign Crabtree to two contracts. One based on his position in the Mock Draft, and one based on reality. Give Crabtree all the money he wants in the Mock Draft Contract, and then pay him with Mock Money. Hell, you can throw in a guarantee that he’ll be a mock starter on the mock opening day. As for the other contract that reflects where he was ACTUALLY drafted, the team can pay him with good old U.S. Currency, and then he can get is ass in to camp where he’ll actually earn it!

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