The New BlackBerry for Her

July 30, 2009

What is it with women and the BlackBerry? I have never seen so many people so addicted to such a little device. Is there something going on that we men don’t know about? Seriously, I am waiting for the following ad to come out some day:

Verizon wireless is pleased to introduce the all new “BlackBerry for Her:” The world’s first cell phone that provides all the fulfillment of a committed relationship, without the hassle of actually having to deal with anyone else’s baggage. The “BlackBerry for Her” offers everything she is looking for in a personal management “tool”. Enjoy fun and functionality in a small, fashionable, and ribbed device.

The “BlackBerry for Her” was designed using the revolutionary “be there for her” technology. It looks and feels great in her hand, but is also a fully functional pocket device with 12 different vibrating ring tones. And speaking of ring tones, the “BlackBerry for Her” also provides many of our more popular female oriented alerts. She will bask in the comfort of hearing “Tonight’s not about me, let’s just cuddle” or “Here, you take the remote, while I give you a foot massage.” Truly the “BlackBerry for Her” offers her everything she needs for life on the go.

In response to the overwhelming demand, the “BlackBerry for Her” comes standard with the award winning “Who Needs a Man” application. Once activated, this program automatically selects a vibrating ring tone based specifically on her Internet search trends. The device then temporarily removes her telephone number from the national “Do Not Call Registry,” ensuring that there will be no interruption in telemarketer based stimulation. Best of all, her only responsibility is to simply sit back, let it go to voicemail, and wait for another call.

Yes, the “BlackBerry for Her” is truly a revolutionary device that no woman can be without. After 10 minutes with the “BlackBerry for Her”, she’ll be the next to confirm that “Once you’ve had BlackBerry, you’ll never go BackBerry.” Order yours today!

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